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Our team can provide the training and support you need to enhance your understanding of the various processes, products, and applications surrounding the products we represent. We offer a full range of training that will help build understanding and improve skills, all leading to improved confidence and efficiencies. Please contact your distribution representative to schedule a meeting.

Technical Process and Product Training

Our training provides a detailed look at specific aspects of service and installation processes, whether that be in the classroom, on-site or online. These services are designed to help keep you, and therefore your customer base, stay educated on the newest and most efficient methods being used in the industry today. By staying current, you will be able to perform tasks at or above industry standards while maintaining a high level of safety and professionalism.  Overall, we will help you to further solidify relationships with your customers.

Support for Your Sales Team

We offer training, for sales personnel, that provides product and application knowledge, as well as techniques to facilitate end user understanding of represented products. For larger scale projects, we can also assist with engineering, architectural, or project team presentations.




More information on the following training sessions will be added soon.

2019 Training Class Menu

Classes are offered to Distributors of products represented by ETS and their customers.
While these classes are designed to be highly technical in nature, there will be some products shown and demonstrated.
Please contact your ETS representative to schedule training, or for more information. 

Recovery and Evacuation Speed-up Basics (Appion)

Learn the basics of how to increase speed during refrigerant recovery and system evacuation. Great for the tech who wants to refine their processes further. 
(Duration is approx. 2 hours. Approved for 2 NATE/CEU's. Recommend attendees have prior knowledge of refrigerant recovery and system evacuation processes)

Soup to Nuts: Refrigerant Recovery (Appion)

Learn about the refrigerant recovery processes from start to finish. Great class for anyone that deals with refrigerant recovery. Starts at the beginning with basic how's and why's of refrigerant recovery, to advanced connection techniques and demonstrations.
(Duration 2.5-3 hours. Approved for 3 CEU's)

Soup to Nuts: Refrigerant System Evacuation (Appion)

Learn about refrigerant system evacuation processes from start to finish. Great class for anyone who wants to learn more about how the evacuation process works, what to do in different situations, various methods, and more.
(Duration 2.5-3 hours. Approved for ? CEU's)

R-22 Refrigerant Replacement (Chemours)

Proper application and use of R-22 alternative refrigerants
(Duration 1-1.5 hours. Approved for 2 NATE/RSES CEU's)

Retrofitting Refrigerant systems with HFO refrigerants (Chemours)

Description - in production
(Duration 1-1.5 hours)

Safe Handling and Charging of Flammable Refrigerants (Chemours)

Description - in production
(Duration approx. 1 hour)

Future of Refrigerants (Chemours)

Description - in production
(Duration approx. ? hour)

Duct Sealing using Tape Products (Fasson/Avery-Dennison)

Description - in production
(Duration approx. ? hour)

Indoor Air Quality Basics (Ultravation)

Description - in production
(Duration approx. ? hour)

Gas Furnace Venting Options (Ecco)

Description - in production
(Duration approx. ? hour)